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Rochelle Ann Rosa (Pinky Alive) Motivates Ascension Center Education (ACE) Members

Rochelle Ann Rosa Motivational Speaker Raw Foods Speaker

Rochelle Ann Rosa
Motivational Speaker
Raw Foods Speaker

Motivational Speaker and Raw Foods Consultant Rochelle Ann Rosa will share her life experiences on the TJ Morris ET Radio Show on APRIL 6, 2014 in order to assist LAUNCHING the ACE NONPROFIT INC for Ascension Center Education and Raising Consciousness about “From BAD TO GOOD” and From HELL to HEAVEN”. This story is about her life’s accomplishments and how she has overcome obstacles and uses healthy whole life living as her ASCENSION CENTER EDUCATION which she shares with everyone who wants to make the world a better place with sustainability of planet and species.


Rochelle is friends with our Founder Theresa J Morris in Social Media on Facebook and Linked In with TJ Morris and her friends who share their books, ebooks, videos, products and services together in the ACE Nonprofit Inc Products and Services Funraisers at ET SEMINARS and DIVINE EXPO.


Rochelle Ann Rosa Motivational Speaker Raw Foods Speaker

Rochelle Ann Rosa
Motivational Speaker
Raw Foods Speaker

Rochelle Ann Rosa ACE Nonprofit Inc Halloween Party 2014

Rochelle Ann Rosa
ACE Nonprofit Inc
Halloween Party 2014

Rochelle Ann Rosa Motivational Speaker Raw Food Consultant

Rochelle Ann Rosa
Motivational Speaker
Raw Food Consultant


Bikram Yoga Lower Eastside

Greater New York City AreaBefore I went back to Yoga which was a three year length of time due to an accident when I was crossing the street and was hit by a car. With a horrible surgery, rehab, and PT, my left knee was never the same. I used a cane and had a terrible time trying to climb stairs. With a gift given to me by someone very special in my life, going back to Yoga is a blessing. In just one week I no longer need my cane and I can climb up and down stairs. Every class is a great detox from the sweets I love, bad girl me, lol and I get the full body mind experience from the staff, instructors and the owner who calls me Pinky. She is my mentor and an amazing instructor. I feel blessed to now have my physical life back. I’m now one with myself. Namaste

Motivational Speaker and Vegan Raw Lifestyle


Greater New York City AreaMotivational Speaking on Live Talk Radio Shows and on Television Talk Shows.
Motivational Speaking at Festivals, Organiations and Individual Bookings.
Vegan Raw Food Counseling

Professional bodybuilder with many trophies wins

International Natural Bodybuilding Federation

New York City and Upstate AreasI loved competing as hard as it was and it requires a full time commitment to exercise, mind set so you don’t hit the wall on the ninth week of training, and a clean Vegan diet for me. Oh and yes I wa a blonde, lol and I’m the one in the blue posing suit. Never say never there might be one more show in my future. We shall see.

Culinary Student

The Natural Gourmet Institute

Greater New York City AreaI’m a Raw Vegan who lives by the 80/10/10 theory of Dr. Douglas Graham who I learned about from Freelee, The 30 day banana challenge, E Book, Get Fit Now!!!!!!
In the summer I am 99% raw and in the winter here in the North East I’m 2/3 raw, meaning all raw except for dinner. Which is a wholesome organic cooked meal.
A lot of my meals I have learned over the years from taking classes at the culinary program I enjoy so much and love collecting Vegan and Vegan Raw Books.

Beth Israel Medical Center

Urodynamics Technician

Beth Israel Medical Center

Greater New York City AreaI assisted the Physician with many tasks such as Cystoscopys, Vascetomys, Ultrasound of the Prostate, Ultrasound of the Prostate with Biopsies, Blood Draw, Urine Tests, etc.

Mixologists, US AIRWAYS, HAIRSTYLIST! Colorist and ESTHETICIAN for over 40 Years

Self Employed mixologist, New York State both licensed Cosmetologist and Skin Care Therapist

New York, NYMy last position was at Beth Israel medical Center, where I was a Urodynamic Technician for five years and trust me I saw every crooked thing that goes on in these hospitals and it was a total turn off.
After being out of commission due to multiple complications in my life I have decided to reinvent my life. Basically I am retired but have decided to go back to school to become a certified Tarot Reader. I am a Telepathic which I used to hide but now I am proud of and will be a useful tool when I do readings for clients.
I live a Vegan Raw Lifestyle and choose this lifestyle because I hate to cook since cooking foods over 118 degrees kills all the beneficial enzymes the body need, so the food becomes dead matter. I started many years ago for health and muscular improvement since I was also a bodybuilder and used to compete, then I added to my dietary reasons environmental and animal rights. These reasons are very close to my heart. Namaste

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  • tarot card reader
    tarot card reader
    tarot card reader

    I would recommend her to everyone. She is doing her certification as a reader from The Tarot School and is also a student of Raw Culinary Courses at The Natural Gourmet Institute and other Schools. I will wish the best for her and may she prosper a…View



Cosmetologist, Mixologist, Esthetician, and Urodynamic Technician

Vogue School of Beauty Culture, Mixology School, Christine Valmy, Sanford Brown University

Greater New York City AreaI am still a New York State Licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician, I was a Mixologist at US Airways at LGA Airport, and last I was a Urodynamic Technician at Beth Israel Medical Center.


Adopting a puppy

This is my most exciting adventure I will have had in many years. Through the building I live in they have an adopt a pet sponsorship and I’m adopting a puppy in March of this year. My little angel who comes with giant bows, meaning I will have a trainer come to my apt and help me train her, I don’t think we will need help falling in love with each other. I will also get low cost vet services, she…more

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Worked in many soup kitchens especially during busy Holidays

a variety of dynamic corporations and non-profit organizations

Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

It is very rewarded to see the smiles are these poor homeless people. They are so great flu and appreciative. At the end of the day I usually go home with tears in my eyes because I helped make others than myself happy.



Animal Welfare

I will alway defend the love, safety and well being of all Animals on our Universe and support their rights live freely and without fear of inhumane torturous and unnecessary murder and torture.

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